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Personal Information Protection Policy

Hokusei Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. (hereafter “the Company”) recognizes that the protection of information that can identify individuals (hereafter “personal information”) is a social duty of the Company. The Company shall endeavor to handle personal information properly by establishing the following Personal Information Protection Policy in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Collection and use of personal information
The Company shall collect personal information without a deception or other wrongful means, and will use the personal information within the range of the following purposes of use.
1. Provision of answer in response to request, question and inquiry from customer
2. Provision of better service to customer
Security management of personal information
The Company shall take necessary and appropriate security management measures and supervises them to prevent any leakage, loss or destruction of the personal information that the Company holds.
Provision of personal information to third party
The Company shall not disclose the personal information to third party unless the written consent of the customer is provided.
The above commitment may not hold true when disclosure is requested by a judicial court, police department or consumer affairs bureau or organization having the equivalent authority.
Disclosure of personal information
When disclosure of personal information is requested by a customer, the Company will disclose the personal information only when the customer who made such request can by identified in the following manner.
The customer who made such request should send a copy of identification document (such as driver's license or health insurance ID card) to the following management by mail.
The Company will disclose the personal information upon confirmation of the document content and upon identification that the customer who made such request is the individual concerned.

Hokusei Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.
Personal Information Security Manager

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